About Future Service Leaders

The FSL was founded in 2011, as a 501(c)(3) organization, to revolutionize the connection between schools, families, and communities. The FSL relies heavily on public-private funding and partnerships to fulfill the important roles we play throughout Kansas and our rural communities as educational providers, stewards of the community and Organization Liaisons that implement experience-led transformation.

The FSL's partnership with VIBE and other student, member-led organizations are important to our success, and are a valuable community asset that will enhance the lives of present and future members. FSL has opportunities all of the time to create a partnership. Any organization can easily integrate products through the partnership, and your organization will become even stronger.

The FSL would also not be possible without our generous supporters that understand every donation and grant received is giving right back into their entire community.

We Are The Missing Link

Let’s Work Together

  • PreK-12 Education
  • Community Youth Organizations
  • Youth Athletic Organizations
  • Juvenile Justice Organizations
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselors
  • Foster Care Organizations

The Future Service Leaders organization believes in encouraging school and community organizations to look at each child individually and furnish youth with the tools to be productive future leaders.

Rethinking the way educators, parents, students, and communities address youth behavioral health with daily data-driven results creating early intervention strategies that help shape a child’s course in life.

We are the complete solution for students and community support services.