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The Future Service Leaders Partnership provides schools or community organizations a connection to VIBE, A Virtual Interactive Based Education system to generate daily data-driven results.

""Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” - Anonymous

You are already doing the work...Let us strengthen your outcomes...

Future Service Leaders is a HUB organization that connects with your existing platforms to enhance results. FSL built OUR HUB to seamlessly tie into what schools and organizations are currently doing and drive daily data-driven results for easy access.

We are here to support your needs. Your partnership gives you access to the tools needed to strengthen partner' resilience, growth mindset, service learning and more. All HUB programs are meant to tie into a school or organization's current programs to provide support and rewards for its partner. FSL provides services for youth ages 8-18.

VIBE Partnership Packages

Ways for Your School or Organization to Participate

FSL programs make it simple for your organization to get involved. Whether it's selling cookies, ringing a bell, babysitting, working, global outreach groups, or helping the homeless, your partners can participate at a very young age and potentially gain a scholarship through our organization.

What can an FSL Partnership do for you?

Explore VIBE’s interactive dashboard to view daily data-driven results. Review VIBE data reports for school climate, social-emotional learning, family engagement, and student success. VIBE’s unique dashboard offers educators and youth community organizations the ability to identify early interventions and train staff on how to interpret critical data points and charts. The dashboard is extremely easy to use, seamlessly integrated through our Learning Management System (LMS) and offers the support needed to focus on much-needed student concerns, behavioral and academic progress.

Connecting Through Partnership

There are millions of youth involved in organizations that complete hands-on projects in areas of health, STEM, agriculture and civic engagement through school and community clubs, and school programs. Our HUB products make a connection with each project and offer a daily data-driven stream of support for student engagement, withdraw, passion, and growth-mindset to name a few. See Hub Programs

The Partnership for YOUR FUTURE

We are reaching across the table to support what you already have established to enhance each program with our data support system. FSL is welcoming to all organizations and all education structures as we embrace kids of all beliefs and backgrounds, giving each a voice to express who they are and how they can make their lives and communities better. When you become an FSL partner you become a builder of success and future leaders.

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