Building Strength Through Service

Multiple needs exist within the target population: Our HUB helps support PreK-12 students through difficulties in life. The core philosophy of FSL’s strategic partnership with VIBE enables us to take youth who are already engaged in service-learning and enhance leadership and social skills, increase self-esteem, gain understanding and empathy for others and become empowered to make a difference in their school and community. Through FSL’s intentional system, students will increase mental health awareness and self-efficacy.

Research supports that when students partake in service learning they become more engaged in school creating a connection with the real world and what they are learning in school. With these life experiences, students put social skills into practice. Service-learning is not just volunteering, it’s putting academics into action in authentic situations enabling students to address and problem solve concerns in their communities.

FSL places youth into action based on a positive thinking approach. With this talent, we can expand our knowledge, learn new things and experience life as it was designed to be. We are now on the path to pave the future for children and adults alike, which makes us future builders. As we follow our own destinies, we are all able to draw on the positive and strengthen within.

Why is service learning important to the mental health of youth?

While participating in service-learning opportunities, youth enhance their ability to adjust their behavior to meet specific goals. Through the utilization of the FSL model and focus on service-learning, the program ultimately reduces participant’s at-risk behaviors. Because FSL focuses on creating self-awareness, self-regulation and self-management skills for youth, schools and communities benefit by creating a caring culture full of youth with positive skill sets.