Daily Data Driven Results

Future Service Leaders partners with VIBE a Virtual Interactive Based Education system to give members daily data-driven results. VIBE provides a multi-tiered platform that extracts behavioral patterns by capturing research-based, real-time data. VIBE provides immediate intervention tools that have a direct impact on the lives of children

Through this evidence-based system, schools are able to monitor the progress of students, gather cumulative data, identify students in need of interventions, provide training for staff and deliver continuous results for all schools.

How Vibe Collects Data

  • All FSL partnered products are designed to gather data to assist in the guidance of continuous wrap-around support for youth PreK-12.
  • VIBE Data is a powerful SaaS that supports students in school, home, community and life. VIBE uses tools that work together to assist educators, administrators and students. VIBE’s research expertise is key to our success as they are some of the best researchers in the nation and have been working in prevention research for over 40 years. Our research team is pulling group analysis to obtain reliable and viable data to ensure success.
  • Researched Backed Measures: VIBE collects valid reliable data with our viable research. VIBE collects research-backed measures designed for implementation through experience-based education for students, families, teachers and staff. We designed data to meet the needs of the school to integrate into the life of each child with emojis, service hours, positive messages and more. Our goal is to support the student in every way through secure and mobile-friendly data collection.
  • Crisis Intervention Alerts Data: VIBE collaborated with health care professionals to find a meaningful way to set up crisis intervention support alerts. These alerts give counselors the ability to monitor crises and provide a safety net to reduce negative incidents. With our unique alert system, counselors have the ability to be notified when a child is experiencing behavioral risk factors such as depression, anger, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Utilizing subtle assessments for each student, the alert feature allows counselors to prioritize their day identifying the highest needs for intervention.
  • Advanced-Data Analytics: We’ve taken analytics to the next level. We offer day to day, data-driven results. The back end of the analytics can be set to meet the needs of each individual school allowing educators to interact with data using dashboards and heatmaps. All data can be disaggregated into groups or individuals. The system provides information and weekly results. Through our gamification system and data analysis, VIBE can recognize academic, behavioral and social gaps.
  • Virtual Training and workshops: VIBE understands the current demands teachers face. We created visual lessons that allow teachers to interact with students during the lessons and build connections. We work closely with each district and make sure that we provide dedicated support with all aspects of the VIBE program. We make teachers' lives easier, not give them additional work.
  • Monitoring Data: Data is available in PDF format. Educators can view student’s strengths and weaknesses beyond the classroom. This new generation is hyper-connected and we need to meet those needs. VIBE found a way to keep up with this paradigm shift and help school administrators, teachers, counselors and students connect in a different, more helpful way.
  • Long-Term Data:VIBE’s data provides a clear view of longitudinal behavioral, academic, and social, emotional growth measures. FSL’s dedication to the whole-child does not halt after one year. Gathering information about a student over time provides the school and parent a holistic view of student strengths and weaknesses and paves the path to success.
  • VIBE offers a formative assessment by providing students with input and guided feedback on their relative performance to help them improve life situations and improve grades.
  • Formative assessments are used to measure student learning on a daily, ongoing basis. FSL/VIBE assessments reveal how and what students are learning during the course and beyond. The VIBE platform allows learning to transition into the home while continuing to provide and assess lessons. Rather than relying on questions such as “Do you understand?” the VIBE program asks the question in a unique and systemic way. Our subtle assessment format creates a non-threatening environment for reliable results. VIBE collects and reviews responses to provide insight into what students are feeling, what motivates their learning and strategies for individualized instruction.
  • Summative assessments include VIBE quizzes and graded course activities that are used to measure student performance upon completion of the interactive lessons. These assessments measure a student’s growth based on the preliminary benchmark assessment. Summative assessments create a dynamic synopsis of real-time data results for individuals, classes and school-wide culture.
  • Additionally, VIBE provides student self-reporting tools to encourage growth in self-regulation. Indirect assessments ask students direct questions during each lesson to collect daily data-driven results that provide students the opportunity for continuous improvement. VIBE knows that the strongest assessments are those that provide an accurate picture and the only way to obtain an accurate picture is to collect real-time, daily data.

For more information about how VIBE incorporates reliable data and research, click here.