FSL Farm

The FARM is a unique, focused experience providing opportunities for youth, educators, families, and communities to engage, explore and investigate the wilderness. Future Service Leaders reinforce educational research by allowing participants to take a hands-on approach, collaborate, and problem-solve in an organic environment.

The 350-acre plus Farmstead education furnishes recreational and cultural resources along with support centers for education, communities, and families to enjoy. The Farm’s resources integrate STEM, service learning, charity work, career and technical education, mental health, social-emotional learning and more. The value to the students in the local areas will be free of cost to students and teachers who want to use the facility for educational purposes.

Each year the FARM welcomes hundreds of educators, youth, nonprofit organizations, families, community members and individuals for meetings, group of family retreats, outdoor learning, crisis training, family fun, community connection and more. The FARM’s mindfulness meditation practices offer powerful restorative practices and relief to school and work-related stressors. Engaging in these practices allow for rich opportunities to grow markedly in the ability to manage stress and to focus, engage, and relate compassionately with ourselves and with those whose lives we impact.

The Farm Retreat and experiential learning campuses are located on a 350-acre ranch surrounded by trees, creeks, and ponds in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas right off the I-35 turnpike. The Farm’s perfect location is centralized around many locations and is only an hour and 30 minutes from Kansas City.

The Farm Inc. originated in 1962 by Maxine and Delbert Johnson which provided a group home for foster youth. The Farm specialized in long-term residential care with the capacity to care for 24 children at a time and often kept families together. The children learned to fish, swim, weld, farm, take care of animals, ride horses, and more. The foster youth gained many social-emotional and life skills that helped each of them develop a healthy mindset to confront the real world. The youth were also very active in their school and community.

The Farm provides the ability to be energized, present and sincerely engaged while enjoying the day-to-day endeavors. We need to allow ourselves the time to reignite and recharge, give time to expand our hearts and minds to care for those most important to us; our students, our colleagues, our parents, and our families. The FSL Farm offers community members, youth and educators the pathway to a responsive culture by enriching minds, strengthening life skills, increasing individual self-efficacy while reinforcing community and youth connections.

What will the FARM offer:

  • Professional Learning for Teachers
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) Education
  • Mad to Glad Parent Workshops
  • Behavioral Boot Camp
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Outdoor Classrooms and Learning Spaces
  • Old School House Learning Centers
  • Agricultural Learning Centers
  • Career and Technical Skills
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Discovery Center