Welcome to a partnership that supports the whole child! The education system is full of new and exciting programs. Future Service Leaders is here to help schools make sure those programs are working to the best of their ability within your school through a partnership that offers daily data-driven support that will assist in the everyday efforts within your school. The FSL works with organizations and communities to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale, such as mental health, bullying, social-emotional learning and crisis. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas create power, in-kind support and people that are stepping forward to help the FSL build stronger schools and communities.

Partner with FSL to Provide Social Emotional and Mental Health Support for All Children

About FSL Partnerships

Thank you for your interest in Future Service Leaders (FSL) partnerships. There are many reasons to partner with our organization, and we look forward to discussing our opportunities with you.

As a potential partner to the FSL, you must include your organization’s ability to leverage its assets, raise awareness, make a contribution and/or raise funds as well as engage its employees and leadership, locally as well as nationally.

We need more companies and businesses that understand the importance and benefits of social-emotional learning and mental health awareness as well as the ability to support predictive solutions that assist with preventative care. The FSL is reaching out to gain some of the best corporate partnerships in the industry! We look forward to discussing how your company, your customers, your clients and your employees can help bring about a better future for all youth.

Corporate & Community Partnerships

Our corporate and community engagement partnerships encourage business employees to explore their passions and skills and make meaningful contributions. Through this specific partnership, we engage in corporate or community initiatives that align with our focus on service learning within the community. Through our unique partnership with corporations and community leaders, you can help youth community organizations have access to VIBE. This partnership allows the organization of your choice to have access to the FSL products at a discounted rate and possibly free of cost depending on funds raised.

Education Partnerships

The FSL strives to ensure that all students have the same opportunity to succeed in life through the predictive technology products that FSL has to offer. Through our education partnerships, the FSL is able to assist states and communities to expand access to VIBE. By supporting your local school or schools, you assist child readiness and success initiatives with a focus on social-emotional needs of students as well as mental health and crisis intervention. When you partner with the FSL and become an education partner you foster a culture of continuous improvement so that your youth, families, and educators not only succeed but continue to accelerate progress.

School and District Partnerships

The FSL offers a strong, bold partnership between school districts and teacher preparation programs, education retreats, and crisis training programs that will transform the school's existing and new programs they have to offer. This unique partnership between districts and preparation programs is supported by effective policy to assure all students have access to the FSL partnered products and training. This partnership gives your district the ability to look at your whole district in a different way and support all the students from a different perspective.

School and Community Partnerships

This partnership is a sophisticated partnership as it looks to support the whole child approach within the school, home and the community as we take a dynamic proactive approach to shaping the lives of youth. We aim high on this partnership as we look to grants to support not only the school district but youth organizations within the community to support the efforts as a whole. This partnership takes aim at their whole community to offer strength to all youth within the area and beyond. We know that the support is needed well beyond the classroom efforts but as a community, we highlight that this partnership will change the way schools and communities work together to strengthen youth, support education and reshape the community.

Why Become a Partner?

Companies should support important causes to show their importance in our world. There are many studies that speak to the reasons to partner.

  • 2.3M adolescents ages 12-17 had at least one major depressive episode, and that is 9.4% of the U.S. population of children ages 12-17
  • In 2016, 6,159 of youth (ages 10-24) lost their life to suicide, which was the leading cause of death.
  • 31.9% Adolescence anxiety disorders
  • 19.1% Adolescence behavior disorders
  • 14.3% Adolescence mood disorders
  • 11.4% Adolescent substance abuse disorders

All percentages are based on 2018 study by CDC.

Our Business Partnerships

The FSL partnered with VIBE to offer specific programs that could assist youth in behavioral development and positively contribute to the economic growth and social-emotional well-being of each child. The strategic partnership enables the FSL to reach out with a unique virtual interactive based education system to offer the use of a hub of predictive technology products that offer a long term wrap-around support system to youth, schools, homes and communities.

Research and Evaluation

FSL relies on the research and data that makes our products viable and reliable for schools all over the world. The FSL works with communities to assist FSL to link programs that offer subtle assessment questions, reliable data and results of your organization's programs. The FSL continues to assist schools and communities with the data, infrastructure and evaluation tools that are required to continually improve the FSL products and their impact. We strive to assist PreK-12 students and youth organization members with daily data-driven results.

VIBE’S Strategic Partnerships

VIBE’s strategic partnerships are key to the FSL in shaping a full-service wrap-around support structure for youth. The FSL hub connects a full-service platform to strengthen our youth of today. Together we offer daily data-driven support, teacher support, youth support beyond the classroom and community support that is needed today.