FSL Retreats

The FSL retreats are inspired by our own Director of Counseling and Community Services, Jeanine Long. Jeanine began her career by earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of her parents and delve deeper into the education field, Jeanine obtained a master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling and served students and their families in an educational setting for 25 years. In working with children, she began to develop a greater interest in the mental health needs of families, understanding that the health and balance of the family can affect how well a child thrives. As a result, she became a licensed clinical professional counselor and began working with children and their families in a clinical mental health setting.

Through supporting others, Jeanine began to understand more of her own mental health needs. In seeking to develop her own coping strategies, she began studying yoga and mindfulness. Inspired by the difference it made in her own life, Jeanine continued her work and development into helping others and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training in addition to certifications in both yoga and mindfulness curriculums. She recognized how her students and families could also benefit and began to develop programs to bring yoga and mindfulness to schools and clinical settings.

Jeanine’s passion is working with children and she finds joy in helping them see the potential in themselves that she finds in each one of them. She understands the vital role parents have in helping their children develop their true potential. As a result, Jeanine sought ways to partner with parents to teach them the tools they need to help their families find true connection and became a parent coach through this process.

Each year of experience has taught Jeanine in order to stay connected with others in a healthy way, we must first have a healthy relationship with ourselves. Too often, we overlook our own mental health to serve the needs of others. In her role at FSL/VIBE, Jeanine looks forward to helping others discover their true potential. In doing so, our members will find ways to better serve their communities, their families and ultimately themselves.

The Benefits of an FSL Retreat

“When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.” - Dr. Kristin Neff

And in doing so, we transform the lives of others. There is no greater way to find self-compassion than to find an opportunity to withdraw and refresh. Investing in an FSL retreat is investing in the future of you, your business and your family.

Our retreats were created to give you and your organization an opportunity to step away from your current hurry-up, fast-paced lifestyle. Through the use of our FSL/VIBE products, we will awaken strength in you, your organization and your family. We will use data to show you how to stimulate creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.

The FSL retreats are located in the middle of the Flint Hills of Kansas on a beautiful piece of property with rolling hills and peace and quiet.

The FSL is working to acquire funding to give the FSL retreats a permanent home that offers ponds, hiking trails, streams, biking paths, education and more. For more information on the future of the FSL, click here.

The quiet and seclusion you will find here will teach you to listen, to reflect and help you remember who you are. Allow us to give you a chance to regroup and restore your passion for what you do. It truly is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself and others.

Come enjoy our FSL retreats as there is nothing like our campfire ring, songs, nature and good food.

A Look at Our FSL Retreats

Pave the Way
The words self-care invoke many thoughts such as “I don’t have time for that” and “ I’ll get to it when or “This just isn’t a good time.” Learning to take care of self before others is a difficult concept for parents and professionals. Let’s begin to create a society where our children learn self-care is not an indulgence. Join us for a weekend retreat that begins with administrators creating their own self-care practice and ends with students teaching parents how to create one of their own.

Chaos to Calm C > C (From Chaos to Calm for Frazzled Parents, Teachers and Helping Professionals)
At times, life feels as if it is dragging us back with difficulties. This one day retreat will teach you the skills you need to launch your family, your classroom or your practice forward when you are working with children with intense emotional reactions.

Road to Resilience
This retreat teaches parents, teachers and practitioners how to help their children, students and clients develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness. Participants will leave knowing the six core strengths that are a building block in a child’s development. Be ready to participate in practices that help children develop a strong foundation.

Rethink Crisis
Give your crisis team an opportunity to unwind and regroup. We will be discussing suicide prevention training required in schools and participants will receive suicide awareness and prevention program materials to implement within your organziation. Beyond that, this will be a chance for crisis teams to learn to Take Care of Self first through our programs and activities.

Digital Detox
Imagine a day without the draw to technology. Regain feelings of peace, joy and fear. This is an educational retreat for your family. We will teach parents and children how to use technology mindfully. Adults and teens will learn strategies for breaking the technology addiction and all participants will be guided through experiential activities that teach the effect technology has on the body. This retreat will involve animals, nature walks and much needed outdoor time.

Warrior Strong
Children suffer from anxiety and worry in greater numbers every year. And the thought of a night away from home is painful for these children. This is an opportunity for a child to experience sleep away camp without the anxiety. Parents or caregivers are asked to attend with their child. Children will learn to be the warrior of their worries through techniques that will alleviate the effects of anxiety on relationships, family and school performance. Parents and caregivers will learn how anxiety affects their child and strategies to make their worrier a warrior.

Connecting Families
Do you ever take a vacation only to find you are still on duty 24/7? This undermines the entire purpose of a vacation ⇝ to rest and recharge. Allow us to do the planning for you and give your family an opportunity to find connection. This vacation will empower you as parents to create change in your life and your family. Together, you will learn strategies to create a family and home you all want to go home to.

Take Five
Give yourself an opportunity to pause. You create your retreat. Stay a day or stay a week. Come alone, bring a friend, co-workers, you tell us! Are you looking for a healthier work/life balance, to discover your passion, are you looking to strengthen your team, you can do all of that here with us.

Little girls have big dreams. They are bold and brave. But somewhere along the way, those dreams are replaced by worries, thoughts of self-doubt and complacency. This camp will teach girls ages 9-13 the skills they need to follow their dreams, to be resilient. Here girls will discover their passions and their superpowers. Girls will leave this camp empowered knowing they can be and do anything and it begins with a dream.

Inner Warrior
Boys constantly feel pressured to be strong and many feel they are expected to hide their emotions when they are sad. Here boys will learn to expand what it means to be a man without losing their masculinity. They will learn it’s okay to not be okay.

Invisible String
"Side by side or miles apart, siblings will always be connected by heart" – Unknown

This getaway is for the ‘other’ children thrust into the confusing world of childhood illness-the brothers and sisters. We will give siblings of children with special health and disability needs respite, time away from illness and stress. They will learn coping strategies and have an opportunity for the spotlight to be on them and the focus on fun.

Community Builders
Bring together community leaders, the adults and the students of the community that are ready to create change. We will show you how the integration of the FSL products in your community will strengthen and support the growth and development within your neighborhoods.