Fundraising Strategy

FSL funding sources include private donations, federal and state contracts, grants from private foundations, and business sponsorship. The program's fundraising coordinator has established many contribution options that a supporter can select from.

  • Cash Donation: Sponsor a school can help assist each school in the startup of the organization to be a great asset. Don’t forget to ask your employer about their company match program.
  • Grant Funding: FSL will seek specific grant funding to fund schools specific to mental health, anti-bullying, service learning, education and what pertains to our specific guidelines.
  • Gift: A gift of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can both support the program and provide tax savings to the donor.
  • Corporate Giving and Sponsorship: Businesses can provide cash or grants. Businesses are also encouraged to participate in the Unite for Youth fundraising events that take place throughout the year. These events include state conferences, National conferences and the Walk 4 Me in which all donors will be recognized.
  • Fundraising Platform: FSL offers Voice-Raiser, a unique fundraising platform for all schools.
  • Community Partnership Program: FSL wants local businesses to get involved to help youth get involved. This can either be with the community outreach program, the FSL On The Job Program, Heart 2 Heart Connection, or anything that the community would like to get involved with.

Funding Forecast for the Organization

FSL forecast of revenues for 2019, stable core funding for the curriculum is from Federal/State grants, private foundations, and sponsorships.

FSL Organization will focus on rapidly increasing funding from sources where the percentage growth is projected to be higher. The targets are private donations, business sponsorships, and fundraising campaigns and grants. FSL's main source will be grant funding to offer scholarships and awards to students doing great things in the community.

Management Summary FSL Organization
The FSL Organization will consist of the Board of Directors and the program's executive director. The Board will make decisions based upon the best interest of the company.