Welcome to Our Hub of support

Connecting your organization to a network of support

Future Service Leader's unique hub organization bridges the gap between education and community support by monitoring student behavioral health and providing a daily real-time data-driven solution. Through this connection, organizations will have the ability to enhance the student experience, making students more productive and successful. Similar to a GPS (Global Positioning System), FSL has created the LPS (Life Positioning System) to assist youth in positioning themselves on a successful path in life.

How do we work with other systems or programs? The FSL provides any organization the ability to connect already existing programs to our predictive technology platform to provide strength and support. The FSL helps analyze your needs and enhance your system to make it stronger and meet your individual organization’s needs. We are not here to compete we are here to connect!

What is a Hub Organization? The FSL Hub provides the single largest force in transforming student outcomes. FSL seamlessly unites schools and organizations with our high quality, service-based learning hub. FSL provides long term, multi-tier support that encourages and promotes positive behavioral health for all future service leaders.

About our HUB: You connect, we support! If you work with youth, let us help heighten your organization’s focus. The FSL hub addresses student behavioral health needs and merges with your organization or school to make stronger student connections within your community.

Why our HUB? We are proactive, not reactive! FSL’s research and data support specific behavioral health needs utilizing predictive technology. FSL supports today’s youth by paving the best pathway to success and leadership. Students of all ages are exposed to many difficulties and obstacles increasing the likelihood of participating in negative behaviors; experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and drugs to cope with tough life situations. The core philosophy of FSL’s partnerships is aimed toward connecting with organizations and schools to establish purposeful efforts through youth service-learning. FSL’s Hub increases youth’s self-esteem, empathy for others, leadership and social skills increasing confidence to make a difference in the school and community.