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FSL holds the combination to successfully help schools and community organizations navigate youth through life situations and unlock the door to success. FSL offers quality products through partnerships with all organizations. Don’t forget to look into how to partner with us!

FSL’s partnership with VIBE provides our members with a transformational experience-based education platform. Our unique platform uses subtle assessment questions that are embedded into a PreK-12 grade curriculum as well as a stand-alone predictalytics tool that can be used by students and community members to collect daily data-driven results and instantly display results through our backend dashboard. Our initiative dashboard assists counselors, administrators, teachers, organizational leaders, parents and more. VIBE products were developed to seamlessly integrate into common core classes and community programs to take a closer and predictive look at Social Emotional Learning, Mental Health and Crisis to enable educators and counselors to be predictive with their responses to such things as bullying, suicide, academic withdraw, passions and student engagement.

VIBE’s data-driven dashboard is the vehicle for change in the future as we drive predictive technology to new heights and use our research-based data to guide students.

Partnering with schools and organizations to provide a predictive technology solution that transforms students long term academic and behavioral health to cultivate thriving communities, families, schools and future service leaders.

FSL's Board Consists of amazing thought leaders that will offer individual strength and support through their diverse backgrounds to assist in developing effective product models, and important partnerships that develop a successful long-term wrap-around support structure for youth.

Research FSL’s partnership with VIBE gives us a unique look at some of the most predictive data yet. The research for social emotional learning is nothing new to education but how we gather and provide the information is game-changing. Vibe works with Illumin Analytics to bring evidence-based research by developing, synthesizing, and disseminating evidence to provide VIBE with the predictive data that will revolutionize results and transform outcomes.

FSL Community Partnerships offer strength to our members as we now reach beyond the classroom and support youth with a whole-child approach. Our partners help us build connections that will strengthen our future.

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Stay up to date with FSL as we will be sharing our growth and development along the way and would love to share with you our live demo so that you can better understand how you can integrate VIBE within your platform through becoming a member.

FSL has gotten off to an amazing start and we can't wait to keep you informed on all the amazing things to come. Our FSL partnerships are crucial as we connect with your programs to strengthen the growth-mindset of every child.