VIBE Education Solutions

FSL’s partner VIBE offers PreK-12 products that are encompassed through an interactive curriculum that is easy to integrate into a classroom. Our co-curricular educational programs are integrating virtual interactive based education with a multi-tier system of support. The courses apply positive school culture, trauma-sensitive & wellness, leadership, relationship building, social-emotional learning practices and more. All curriculum is experience-based education with the ability to collect learning data and social-emotional data daily. This curriculum collects real time, day to day, data for students and our curriculum is the first of its kind. Short term solutions can now be a thing of the past as VIBE understands that it takes long-term actions to produce lasting results. VIBE’s products integrate within (home, school, community and family) and strengthen resilience.


As a positive, data-based system, we incorporate all the programmatic components of comprehensive school and community based services within all of our products for your use. The trauma sensitive needs of students today, reflect life in complex settings that are evident in the troubling issues that arise in many schools and communities today—e.g., emotional upset, suicide, substance abuse, truancy, violence, bullying and academic failure. FSL services go beyond the schools and extend beyond individual counseling to incorporate a wide range of programs that promote social-emotional learning, foster resilience, address student disengagement, and connect schools with communities. Rather than the traditional one to-one intervention model, emerging trends in mental health services involve comprehensive efforts in strengthening schools and communities to optimize student learning.


Education Products: Meet your district’s social-emotional, trauma-sensitive and crisis needs through a high quality, service-based learning millennial platform that provides multi-tier support for responsive evidence-based PreK-12 curriculum. Our curriculum is mapped with PreK-12 SEL competencies that address social-emotional character development while providing a seamless implementation for all students. The Education products are included in our Tier 1 support.

Community Products: Providing foster care, youth sports, juvenile justice and community organizations with a wraparound support system for a responsive evidence-based curriculum that supports all community products. We are a unique millennial outreach hub organization that enables youth organizations of all types to use FSL as a hub organization to look at and collect daily data-driven results to complete a wrap-around support system to strengthen youth. The FSL community products provide a hub of service-learning programs as an opportunity for youth to work together with peers and citizens in the community to create positive attitudes, build self-esteem, create leadership and create value. The long-term goal of; unite, inspire and encourage, is to empower the young person to establish habits that are leading to positive thought processes to create happier healthier lives. The community organization products are included in our Tier 1 of support.

Clinical Health Products:Supporting long-term mental health. FSL has partnered with VIBE to offer the first-ever Tier 3 support structure treatment plan providing rehabilitative services to reduce crisis and suicide rates. This application is not only innovative for doctors and clinicians but provides daily data-driven care through backend support that provides timely alerts and prompt care. This app is the first of its kind as it is only offered through a prescription. Our unique LIFE SUPPORT app can also direct specific activities that result in recognizing behavior and assessing and addressing that behavior with the help of clinical support. This app takes us past the conversation about our shortage of doctors and provides us with the immediate care and daily support needed to support the importance of our mental health.


Chaos Benchmark
This curriculum provides fun, interactive and engaging lessons to help young minds develop an understanding of the importance of mental health. Our belief is that every student is a future leader and Chaos gives each student skills to practice strong mental clarity to create a level of personal best each and every day. Chaos promotes a positive-minded approach to life and guides students away from the harmful depths of unhealthy and concerning behaviors.

Noah-Post Suicide
Grades 6-12

How do schools understand the impact of losing a life to suicide? How do schools get an accurate awareness of all those affected by suicide? Noah-Post Suicide program creates a systemic approach to the psychological trauma involved in the aftermath of a suicide. School systems have many facets to cover when a crisis occurs. This program provides step-by-step strategies and guidelines for the days and weeks after a suicide. The tiered program is organized for classroom, small group and individual settings. VIBE’s Noah curriculum is an activity-driven program designed to measure coping skills and to disrupt harmful thought patterns in order to produce healthy helpful thinking. Student workbooks assist in guiding students to a better tomorrow beginning the day after a crisis.

VIBE PreK-12 Interactive Curriculum
What sets VIBE apart from other programs is an interactive research and standards-based curriculum platform. Our co-curricular educational programs are designed to address a multi-tier system of support. From kindergarten’s “Listen To Lizzy” (Zones of Regulation”) to high schools' “Power of the Positive Brain”, or PreK-12 “Mindful Yoga”, VIBE’s curriculum is experience-based with the ability to collect real-time, day to day academic and social-emotional data for all students. Virtual Interactive Based Education is a PreK-12 curriculum platform that revolutionizes results using a cumulative data analytics approach to social, emotional and behavioral health.

What if you had the ability to measure the social-emotional and mental health of all students on a daily basis? By utilizing Predictalytics stand-alone or with VIBE’s PreK-12 Curriculum, social-emotional and mental health competencies are assessed through research-based subtle assessment questions. Worried about how to have the time to measure? With less than six questions per competency, this quick and non-intrusive format enables VIBE’s interactive dashboard to gather information on student engagement, grit, perseverance and over 40 mental and social-emotional competencies. Measuring progress has never been so easy.

PreK-12 Gamification
VIBE’s PreK-12 Learning Gamification enables your school or organization to increase motivation, improve student behavior, strengthen resilience, boost learning and provide real-time data-driven results. VIBE developed gamification tools to fall in-line with your school curriculum and provide an individualized approach to make a real impact on student success. VIBE’s Learning Gamification is aimed to identify likes/dislikes, create a connection between student strengths and interests and perhaps most importantly, answer the questions of “who am I, where am I going and how do I get there?” With the ability to view student results, even when completed at home, schools and organizations can create intentional conversations with students and parents around personalized learning.

Connect Student Organizations and Out of School Time (OST) program with our Additional VIBE Products

This isn’t just your average school experience! GRIT THRU is designed to help students experience grit and resilience while overcoming obstacles in a standards-aligned, scenario-based curriculum. GRIT THRU addresses different learning styles while challenging students to persevere through a problem-based lesson. The obstacles built into the curriculum strengthen a student’s mindset as they become more aware of their surroundings and follow clues to problem solve. GRIT THRU develops real-life skills as students work as partners, groups and individuals to tackle each project. As with any of the VIBE products, students will be assessed throughout the projects looking at key competencies in social-emotional and mental health variables. This data allows schools to see how students feel about working collaboratively, what challenges they are facing when meeting deadlines and any stressors that might need to be addressed.

Service App
VIBE has partnered with Future Service Leaders to enable students to organize their busy lives. The Service Learning App allows students to manage organizations they are involved in, track hours of service-learning, and receive alerts for volunteer hours of service needed in the community. VIBE’s dashboard displays a cumulative list for each student to assist with graduation requirements, scholarship applications, college admissions, and employment opportunities. As all of VIBE’s products allow schools to collect data during the school hours, the Service App continues this process out of school time (OST). Collective service-learning data is now at your fingertips.

Life Support App (Clinical Health)
This app supports patients through a prescription app that is offered to partnered clinics to support long-term reduced-cost care. The app is created for a patient and therapist to work together to understand and develop new strategies for tackling the issue. Life Support introduces patients to a set of therapy options that is delivered based upon an individuals needs and can be assessed and monitored daily. FSL's unique app consists of therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy depending on the doctor's prescription to the individual. Most psychotherapists or mental health professionals who can prescribe the Life Support App will personalize and customize the therapy to the specific needs and personality of each patient. This app is hands down one of the greatest youth support systems created beyond the school for long-term mental health support.

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VIBE Curriculum is supported in three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese. The gamification app can be supported by up to 10 languages for students to interact with family within the home and community.