FSL Service Awards

Connecting our hub to your programs to recognize the importance of youth service

The FSL not only offers its HUB of support but we can also help you celebrate your service leaders for the hours of service milestones with meaningful awards and recognition. No matter what organization you are we understand the importance of service. You might be an organization focused on business or leadership and have a service component but we look at the research-based data behind what you are doing and which show outstanding results. Through these results, the FSL awards are an important way to show our youth that their contributions of service have made a huge impact in their schools, homes and communities and they are valued.

The FSL offers specific awards for our HUB programs that connect with your existing programs to show our gratitude for your members’ support.

FSL Connects together to strengthen resilience, grit, growth-mindset and more and while your members are completing hours of service already in existence with your organization we will still reward them for the work completed and a job well done.