The FSL organization’s goal is to provide its members with resources that assist them in elevating their community projects, identifying passions, and to identify behavioral patterns that help guide student support. Our staff is available from 8 am to 5 pm CST for your assistance.

VIBE’s tiered system shown below provides wrap-around support for youth by finding a way to assist within the school, home and community. To be consistent with the behavioral patterns of a child, one tier of support was not sufficient for FSL. We wanted to provide a structured tier system of support that was designed for everyone to come together to make a difference for our youth.

  • Tier 1 and 2- Education and Community Products
  • Tier 3- Partnering with clinics and organizations to provide long term care and support at reduced cost and with a mental health professional.

What programs does your school use?

FSL strengthens and supports other programs with daily data-driven support to create more reliable results.

Research Shows schools that use an effective early warning system can improve attendance, increase course completion, and promote on-time graduation for students.

See the full picture of each student's daily progress.

Identify the daily progress through multiple indicators, including academics, attendance, behavior, and SEL.

VIBE’S Daily Data-Driven Dashboard

Data automatically syncs from your SIS and LMS each day giving counselors and teachers a chance to intervene promptly. Identified staff have access to an updated list of students that need to be seen or communicated with immediately to provide early interventions.

Plan interventions and track effectiveness

Alerts specific students for a plan of action based on each individual student's needs. These alerts will show up daily on your back-end dashboard.

Member Support

FSL is available 8-5 M-F CST to assist you in any matters that you may have. Please click here for more information.

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